I’m not sure if drawing and painting for over 40 years has been a choice or an addiction.

I studied film and animation at CALARTS in the early 1990’s, after which I freelanced for ad agencies doing television commercials and web development. I painted murals for awhile and eventually learned the art of tattooing, which I have been doing for 21 years. I am striving to create and sell my own art as a primary means of survival.  I spend weeks – sometimes months – on a single painting, carefully crafting it to how I want it to look.

Art has always been a part of my life.  At an early age I recognized the similarities of process between all the arts such as dance, music, drawing, sculpture, writing, and acting.  I helped teach a couples dance class for 6 years.  I taught airbrushing.  I wrote and published six books on building camera stabilizer equipment for independent filmmakers. I developed large-scale dynamic websites for big-name clients through various reputable ad agencies. I’ve been playing guitar and composing music since I was a teenager. I’ve designed logos for businesses. I create 3D animations. I’ve written three screenplays. I’ve taught video production classes to high school students. I’m developing a completely new type of articulated anatomy art mannequin. And I’ve been raising my teenage son since the day he was born.

I value honesty, integrity, and compassion.

Painters whose works of art have inspired me are Julien Dupre, Francisco Pradilla y Ortiz, Léon Augustin Lhermitte, Juliette Aristides, Chie Yoshii, Erik Keppel, and Cesar Santos (to name just a few).

In my spare time I like to take my jeep with my plein air easel and go explore the mountains around my hometown looking for scenes to paint.