Trying to get my painting back

I initiated a divorce last year from my wife after barely a year of marriage due to a consistently unpleasant living experience. At the time of the divorce, my Steampunk painting I had done (which she had modeled for) was on display in her place of business along with my four pencil drawings. I had gone to her business to retrieve the artwork during the ‘nasty’ period before the divorce was final, and at the time I could only fit the four drawings in my vehicle. When she learned I had went into her shop without her knowing (using a key she had given me) she berated me and made it clear I was not allowed in her business. So I was unable to get my painting back.

Just a reminder, I started painting with a very clear goal that I wanted to develop enough art to one day have a gallery show. I have always been very clear about that. I even stated it in my blog when I started the painting. While we were married she said I could display the art in her business. Well now that things are over between us, I am without one of my paintings. And it happens to be the one I spent $1000 getting framed.

I have been very silent towards her since the divorce. Even though she took many of my personal belongings that I had long before I met her, I have not wanted to cause a stir and have chosen to just cut my losses, chalk up my stolen items to theft, and attempted to move on without developing a view of women being users and thieves. But the loss of my painting haunts me. I did not paint that for her to have. I painted it so I could one day display it alongside my other paintings in my very first gallery show. I worked very hard on that painting. That was months of my life devoted to creating it for a very set purpose.

So today I made the decision to ask for it back. I sent her a private message on Facebook asking for my painting back. I am hoping this can be civil and simple. The alternative is I will probably have to hire a lawyer. Or perhaps I can just go to court without a lawyer and have a judge decide. I really want my painting back.

And she immediately blocked me on Facebook instead of answering me.

And she is trying to get a restraining order against me for writing this blog about the entire ordeal. The hearing is in 5 days. This post may be disappearing.

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