Painting Sculpture

Painting close to finished

I managed to paint quite a bit over the last few days. I plan to work on the hair of the brunette, add some touch ups to the background, and add tattoos to the redhead. Then I think I will be done.

Tonight I started designing a new spine for the art mannequin. I’m going to have all the lower vertebrae 3D printed and then I’ll mount them to the bendable gooseneck tubing. I will also need to redesign the rib cage and the pelvis so I can attach the new spine to them. I think I’ll rebuild the neck also and create the cervical vertebrae. Then the skeleton will be much more anatomically accurate.

I’m still at a standstill with the muscles. The new adhesive worked good, but I think the problems are in the silicone stretching too far and then tearing. I don’t think the problem is the adhesive. The thought of rebuilding many of the muscles is depressing. More thought will be needed.

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