Ready for next stage of painting

i was able to finish laying in the first color stage today. I still feel sloppy and not as analytical as I should be, so my goal for the next phase is to really get my brain involved in crawling across every surface and feeling confident in my color choices. I really want to bring the figure to life. I frequently look back at my Cesar Santos and Juliette Aristides videos to help me gain a point of reference to where I want to be with my painting abilities. Juliette mentioned once that sometimes you just have to get mad. I’m ready to get a little mad.

I do feel the painting is going okay, but I am often reminded by my regular job that I may have an expiration date. I have to be able to make a living by painting eventually – at least that is what I have been working towards.  So I feel I need to be good. My skills have to be at a high level. How I am painting now is setting my foundation, so I need to note my strengths and weaknesses and try to correct my bad tendencies now so that I can continue to improve.

I will say that it is hard to get a good photo of the painting. When I find an angle where the light isn’t washing out areas, the colors usually appear flat and unchromatic.

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