After my last post I was thinking about what I said about painting each figure one at a time to completion, and I realized that was a bad idea. The entire point of the dead coloring stage is to get the canvas completely covered so that the white does not interfere with the judgement of color. I have lapses of reason when I am impatient. So tonight (it’s 1am right now) I started to rough in the second girl’s shirt, then jumped in to covering the large dark areas of the background. So far so good.

We’ve been having 100-degree weather here in the northern Nevada desert lately and trying to paint during the day has been too uncomfortable. I have a window A/C unit in my shop that helps, but during the day it’s still too warm in here. I did like working in my house better – I could go for longer periods of time and having company every once in awhile was nice. It’s much lonelier out here in my shop and I’ve found that I tend to only work for a couple hours at a time when I paint.

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