Technically this is the third day that I have worked on the new painting (day 1 was drawing on canvas, day 2 was roughing in the body, and today was the face). I am using the same process that I used for the previous painting, which is:

1. starting with a general underpainting to try and get values and color temperatures in place

2. going over the underpainting with a first painting stage that attempts to bring the colors and values closer to accuracy

3. rendering to final accuracy with a second painting stage.

I haven’t decided yet if I will work on one figure from start to finish and then move on to the next figure, or do the entire painting in 3 stages. Knowing myself and my penchant for impatience with painting and need for more instant gratification, I will probably paint each figure individually from start to finish.

I think so far I’m off to a decent start. The color and value on her left arm is completely wrong, but that’s what is so rewarding about this first underpainting stage is that I can see what is working and what isn’t without worry because I know in the next stage I will work to bring everything closer to balance. I’m working a lot quicker I think than my last painting. Before I was so careful and tedious with trying to do everything well from start to finish, and I think I learned where I can be looser and quicker (hopefully). I guess I really won’t know if it’s okay to rush through this first stage until the entire painting is finished and I can reflect on my process and how successful it was overall. So far everything is feeling good.

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