I worked all day yesterday and got the corset finished. While taking a break I looked through the new Artist’s Magazine that came in the mail. On the very last page was an ad for the Artist’s Open Competition. I had already entered the family portrait in it, but staring right back at me was the deadline for the contest – May 22nd. 3 more days. I suddenly wanted to get this painting done so I could enter it also. The only problem I would not be able to varnish it in time. Oh well, I’ll take a picture of it without varnish. It won’t look as good but there’s nothing I can do. The paint has to dry before I can varnish. So my new goal was to get it done before the deadline.

It is 11:30pm and I have decided I am done. I spent the day working on the mirror. Of course there is always more I could do to it, but I just don’t want to. I went ahead and signed it, which means I am officially done with this painting. YAY!!!!

So tomorrow I will take it outside and try to get a good picture of it in the sunlight, and then I will submit the photo online to the photo contest. I’ll probably varnish it in a week, let it sit for two or three more days after that, and then take it down to Suzie for framing.


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