As the paint dries, the colors seem to dull. Now I know that when I apply the final varnish, all the colors should come back to life. As I am painting over my previous work, the difference between new paint and old paint is substantial. I’ve noticed that my dark browns, or umbers, have dulled the most. It can add a level of anxiety because I remember painting things so dark, and now they look so light. One trick is to oil in – or add linseed oil to a makeup sponge and lightly apply it to the dark areas – but then I feel it takes even longer for things to dry, and I am anxious to finish up this painting. My logic is flawed probably. I am using linseed oil in my paints today as I work on the final rendering of the skirt, which means it will take just as long to dry as any oiling in process. My brain and I don’t always get along.

I am very happy to have the day off today though so I can devote a lot of time to wrapping things up. It looks like I should get the skirt done today, and possibly start the corset tonight. If I can get the corset finished tomorrow, all that’s left to complete will be the hair, trinkets, and that annoying mirror.

I messaged a lady who provided many of the items in her steampunk costume. I want to see if I can hire her to make the costumes for the next painting. She said I can call her tomorrow so I will try to meet up with her and discuss that project.

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